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From the 2015 (digital version) of my album "Traversal" Backstory: Created on Memorial Day (2013) in Los Angeles. I was at a friends BBQ trying to convince them to give Ableton Live a shot instead of using FL Studio. They were very resistant to change and wanted no part in learning a new DAW haha. After a few hours of repeatedly asking, I was finally able to get him to sit down and let me show him how fast my work flow was compared to FL Studio. The pre-warping step is where every person i've taught Ableton to gets frustrated. When you are dealing with Jazz, classical or any form of music that isn't quantized or that changes time signatures, it extends the amount of time it takes to properly warp the sample. Everyone has different methods for this, for me personally. I create a new clip at each new time signature change. It's a lot of prep work so this is where I usually lose people that are used to just manually chopping records quickly. Especially since I take the time to always do the entire song instead of just "the dope parts". The Warp and Auto-chop feature allows me to turn a sample into a instrument. Having each note at my disposal. I also take extra steps like tapping the tempo, half timing the sample. Then Re-sampling at the slower tempo. Freezing it. bringing the tempo back to its normal bpm, then once again resampling it so I can chop it and retain the more stretched out version. Which is a lengthy process but one I feel is worth it for what i'm trying to achieve. Then i'll Autochop multiple instances to different samplers. Some at 1/4 notes, some at 1/8 notes, 1/2 notes etc.. Sounds like it's more complicated than it is, but after repetition, this process goes by pretty quickly. So after I showed him all the steps, He was beginning to get frustrated and didn't want to keep learning. At this point, I didn't even have any drums loaded up and he was becoming super Antsy. I didn't want him to walk away before I showed him why I took the time to do all that. So I pressed record, and blindly laid some chops in one quick take. No metronome, no grid. Because I took time to do all the prep work, I was confident any chop I chose would perfectly land on beat. People are usually hesitant to sample songs with loud drums and try to chop around them, but I usually can mask any loud drums by using ghost kicks and sidechain compression. Since I had no drums loaded up or any effects. I knew the drums in the sample would be present in all my chops, so I used them as my compass and thus, "NoUse" for was born. He hated the beat and to this day he still uses FL Studio haha. "Traversal" ended up seeing two separate releases, each with slight variations. The Original version that I released digitally on bandcamp and all streaming services in Winter of 2015 (which was the first and last album I ever uploaded to the streaming services) [ ] and the cassette version released in Winter of 2016 via Grand Garden Records. [] **** Whoever ends up collecting this will receive a link to my master cloud based vault "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms" over 110gb's of nearly my full released and unreleased discography. *****

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