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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Jon Waltz  - "Treadmills" (BlueScreensJazzRemix) [catalog cook off 012]

Jon Waltz - "Treadmills" (BlueScreensJazzRemix) [catalog cook off 012]



"Treadmills" (Blue Screens Jazz Remix) [Version II] Produced by: Dutchyyy Vocals by: Jon Waltz Original Version: Backstory: I was late to begin my flip for "Catalog Cook Off 012 (Jon Waltz)" I was planning on taking a brief hiatus from sample challenges but saw it was Jon's Birthday, Downloaded the stems & quickly did my initial flip ( Version I - Deep House vibes ) Time passed... distracted, multi-tasking, survival pivots and all that jazz, I realized the deadline (Listening Party) was the next day and all I had was a super quick unrefined flip I did on his birthday. Carved out some time to dedicate to refining my initial House version that night. Took a gummy & opened Ableton Live and began refining my flip, swinging the drums more, mixing, mastering and all that Jazz.... but..... Gummies have this RNG aspect to them... It could take effect in 20 minutes, or 2 hours later.... Not Ideal for ADHD..... Don't know exactly when it kicked in, but I noticed the sun was out, and somewhere in the refinement process, I got distracted, Pivoted, opened a mini Portal and came to the other side of the session with a completely different version haha. We played both the initial unrefined b-day house version & this version during the playback stream. I already checked the session and that gummy must have kicked in before I could save the more refined house version, and I altered the session so drastically that I would need to start all over from the b-day session and start the refinement process all over again. After speaking w/ @jonwaltz we decided to add both versions to the forever library (50/50% splits)... I have some other creative deadlines and life stuff before I can go back in and refine Version I again for release, but it will eventually also be added to the forever library =)

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August 15, 2023
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