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heds SPIN



My Submission for hedsTAPE 03. Though it wasn't chosen to be amongst the finalist on the official tape, I'm proud of my entry and how i managed to flip the original sample. These days my songs can range from 6 minutes to 6 hours (EvolvingPortals) Knowing that only 1 minute would be used, I needed to express my full emotional range in a micro fraction of what I've grown accustomed to. This was definitely a fun challenge that took me out of my comfort zone. Short songs like this are something you will rarely see from me, I made sure that it loops perfectly for seamless looped meditation =) Peace to hedsDAO for allowing me to release this, and shout to Mr. Carmack for providing the original sample. You can listen to the original sample provided, and support the 10 finalists here:

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April 13, 2022
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