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"FEEDBRA!NER" Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: Blue Screen of Deaf Track #: 8 Created: 2009 Released: September 10, 2012 Backstory: Late 2009, I was chilling at my friend Brian's townhouse in Tampa, FL (prior to me moving in),  and we were watching videos of Low End Theory sets at The Airliner in Los Angeles and random beat sets in general from like 2006 - late 2009.  There were no "Beat sets" happening in Tampa at the time, so our only window to see instrumentals being rocked in front of a crowd was online.  We were romanticizing about how dope it must be to live in a city that appreciates instrumentals in a live setting, and at one point in the conversation we had one of those "Jinx!" moments, where we both mentioned the same observation at the same time.   I can't remember the exact wording used,  but we both basically picked up on how heavy and often most people playing live sets would trigger the SP404 (& Other Samplers) Beat Repeat or glitch FX....    If only we would have known, people would be overdosing on & overusing triggering those FX to fill time during live sets for the next two decades all over the globe haha.       I had my Laptop with me, and was using FL Studio at the time, so I downloaded the Plug in "Glitch 1.3" and started to make a beat trolling....    and thus "FEEDBRA!NER" was born.   Bonus Fun Fact: The first person that I personally remember, besides Prefuse 73 back in 2001 to use this glitch/stutter effect in beats was Sweatson Klank (fka Take) back in 2005/2006,  So when he hit me up to submit a Remix for his upcoming album "Only Mountain".  I pulled out that "Glitch" Plug-in one more time to pay tribute...       I remember vividly him saying,  I love how you flipped my track, but I don't like all the Stutter/Glitch FX in it because even back then,  he said it became way too overused in the scene.  He asked if I could Submit it without all the FX,  but back then, in fact the entire lifespan of me using FL Studio (2005-2012) , I didn't know there was an arrangement view.   So how I sequenced out my beats back then, was I would individually export each 4/8 bar loop, and sequence my beats by cutting and pasting them in the intended order via Sony Sound Forge.  Then I wouldn't save the original FL Studio Sessions,  So I couldn't re-send him a version without the FX, cus the session was already deleted haha. That track also exists on "Blue Screen Of Deaf" as well as in the Forever Library. =)

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