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Esoteric (f/ C M O)


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From the 2015 (digital version) of my album "Traversal" I wanted to mint something to uplift and bring some peace today. Given all that is happening in the world and how the markets feel right now, I thought instead of my usual spacey, abstract or more heavy tracks, I'd upload something that has a chance of lifting people up. Backstory: The instrumental was made early 2010, on FL Studio while getting some sun at the pool. Originally titled "A day at the pool" and released on "Yawn of the Gemini" (May 23rd, 2010 / My Birthday) [ ] This was one of my no samples, practice beats. Back then, and still to this day, I would/will alternate and dedicate different days to different methods of production, I.E. "loops only day", "Microchops day", "No samples day". Then one day early 2015, my homie C M O sent me an unsolicited email with a demo version of this song attached. I was blown away, that he turned something that I considered a throwaway beat and turned it into such beautiful introspective opus. So I told him, that I was in the process of releasing my new album "Traversal" and the next day, he sent me this version. "Traversal" ended up seeing two separate releases, each with slight variations. The Original version that I released digitally on bandcamp and all streaming services in Winter of 2015 (which was the first and last album I ever uploaded to the streaming services) [ ] and the cassette version released in Winter of 2016 via Grand Garden Records. [] The album was too long to fit on a 90 minute cassette, So I took that as a opportunity to make the cassette version different from the digital version. Different track order, Different master, and A few Different tracks in general. So the digital version has a few songs that aren't on the cassette version, and the cassette version has a few songs that aren't on the original digital version. The cassette allowed me to really refine and sequence the album how I truly wanted it to be digested in full so personally, I love the cassette version more. but tracks like "Esoteric" didn't make it on to the cassette, along with "The Chop & the Loop", "Dimples", "Please Take Care" (of yourself), "64" & the 3 Bonus tracks featuring my friends Toonorth & Sunjet, which were just 3 different versions of my remixing my homie Apathy's song "Chemical" ****I hope "Esoteric" provides you some healthy escapism. and as always. Whoever ends up collecting this will receive a link to my master cloud based vault "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms" over 110gb's of nearly my full released and unreleased discography. *****
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May 17, 2022
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