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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Dive Off The Deep End (f/ Cazal Organism)

Dive Off The Deep End (f/ Cazal Organism)



"Dive Off The Deep End" (f/ Cazal Organism) Produced by: Dutchyyy, Cazal Organism Album: Traversal Track: 23 Released: December 30, 2015 (Bandcamp) Released: January 1st, 2016 (Streaming) Released: December 2nd, 2016 (Cassette) via GrandGardenRecords ---------------------------------- Back Story: Created March - October 2015 at Sam's Point Nature Preserve, i.e. the highest point of the Shawangunk Ridge in Upstate NY. On September 10th, 2014 the Homie Cazal Organism sent me some drums to get busy over and imo there is nothing like that signature Cazal Bounce when it comes to drums so I wasted zero time. Immediately opened up Ableton Live and let my expression loose. At the time, I was having super in depth conversations with multiple people about how unfulfilling surface based interactions, convos and even art was for our spirits. It felt like so many people were so closed off and guarded, playing it safe in so many aspects of life. How boring..... The track creation process wasn't like my usual tunnel vision process, I was multitasking multiple songs at the time, and building tracks over time. Around April 2015, I ended up sending the 1st draft ableton session to Cazal so he could add some bass over my micro chops. After I got the session back, I added keys, synths, more bass and got super weird with it. The version you are hearing is the Digital Release Version, which varies slightly from the Cassette version of Traversal. Different mix, master, some additions, subtractions were made and that quiet gap towards the end of the track was filled with what I intentionally made open space for. If you would like to compare the differences for yourself, you can listen to the full Cassette Version of Traversal in full the way it was intended to be sequenced and heard. "Dive Off The Deep End" is on Side B, but I'll include links to the full tape for anyone who wishes to experience the full front to back journey. TRAVERSAL (CASSETTE VERSION / SIDE A) TRAVERSAL (CASSETTE VERSION / SIDE B) and thus, "Dive Off The Deep End" was born.

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