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Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: Traversal Track: 13 Released: December 30, 2015 (Bandcamp) Released: January 1st, 2016 (Streaming) Released: December 2nd, 2016 (Cassette) via GrandGardenRecords ---------------------------------- Backstory: Created in spring of 2013 in my San Pedro apartment overlooking The Port of Los Angeles... It was my day off and I was alone,  burning Nag Champa while cleaning and blasting "Let me ride" by Windy City with all the windows open and my front door open... I was blessed in that apartment for the single reason it was the only apartment I ever lived in where it didn't matter what time of day or night it was,  I could blast and or work on music at max volume and have no issues...... So i'm just minding my own business, dusting and cleaning while dancing around my living room when I get tapped on my shoulder and commence to shriek like a stereotypical movie schoolgirl that just saw a bug.....         Definitely caught me off guard haha,  My neighbor, "Dimples" bursts into laughter making fun of my high pitched squeal then passes me the fresh spliff she just rolled....    My Neighbors Dimples & Granny were cool AF and loved me, but until then neither had been inside my place,  we always just chilled sitting in front of their apartment..... She apologized for just walking in unannounced but said her and granny had been sitting on the porch for hours just soaking up all the music I was blasting and asked me the name of the song and artist I was playing before Windy City....    Since I played the entire EP front to back right before that I was able to tell her it was IMAN OMARI, she asked what the two songs were I kept repeating and i told her probably "Midnight" and "Energy" hahah,  She then saw all my equipment and asked if I was A DJ.....   I laughed and said, occasionally but beats and rhymes were more my forte, and she asked what kind of music and I just pulled up myself on google (back when google worked and my name still yielded over 2 million search results)  She was shocked and said "I could tell you were a soulful white boy, but I had no idea you had more soul than some of my own people" ... I laughed and said thanks for not making an Eminem or Vanilla Ice Reference and she said you're more like Mos Def or Common,  I didn't hesitate a moment before showing her I was once on the same Label as both artists she mentioned "Rawkus Records" and then she called granny in to show her........   granny and I were closer and she already knew I made music,  so she just said "I've been telling you for months that poor soulful white boy next door needs to stop letting that pretty asian girl back into his home and just focus on work and music"  I said, she isn't asian, she's navajo.....        She said,   "Honey I  don't care what the hoe is, or how magical that ***** is,  she's got dark energy and you don't"   then she walked back outside...... Dimples stayed and did the unexpected but also cliche and expected thing a music lover does when they find out you make music and close enough to see your equipment and say.... "I wanna see how you make music" So I said, bet.....   How about you tell me your favorite sample and then she disappeared for like 15 minutes....     She came back in and handed me a CD and said, This is friends music, can you make something from my favorite song on here..... Then watched me from start to finish create the song....  Granny walked in halfway through it so I decided to flip it again so she could see the process, hence the change up.... This was a dope day that brings me joy being able to revisit anytime I hear this track....   and thus.... "Dimples" was born. BONUS LORE: Another older track that should have been on "Chill Gawd, Chill" but It was hidden in an unnamed folder and forgot about it until the tape was already released. People weren't happy when they got the Cassette Version of "Traversal" and this song was not on there.......       but to me, I was just correcting the timeline =)

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