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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Crate Escape (w.i.p.) f/ thxk_u

Crate Escape (w.i.p.) f/ thxk_u



Produced by Dutchyyy & thxk_u Created:  4/19/24 50/50% split to help raise funds for thxk_u moving expenses __________________________________ Utility:  Beyond wanting to help raise some funds for thxk_u move on 6/1/2024 I wanted to attempt an experiment, being the majority of the music i've documented on Catalog Works has been my back catalog music created long in the past even though i'm sitting on like a thousand newer, unfinished, unreleased tracks.  Full Transparency, the world has changed too drastically since the introduction of algorithms and it's just gotten worse and worse since 2016 with 2024 being dreadful.  Posting your work / promoting on social media not only feels pointless, but to a lot of creatives, myself included. Sharing that art into a void over and over actually does much more harm to the spirit than it's worth.  So as long as i'm still enjoying the process of creating,  I still retain my purpose.  This unfortunately comes at the cost of not wanting to ever to sit and refine music for release, since I feel my time is better spent, just creating something new I won't finish or release opposed to putting care and time into finalizing, only to promote and release that art in a void. SO HERE IS THE EXPERIMENT: Collected by: 6.1.2024 for .3 eth * Upon collecting this very quick, unfinished version of "Crate Escape".  From the day it's collected, within 1 week, I will finalize, mix and master the track and will record a video of the entire process which I will add to my Proof of life (continued...) collection on ZORA.  (Collector will be mentioned in that backstory and added to the splits of the artifact, even though that collection is all FREE/OPEN/UNLIMITED/FOREVER) Collected by: 6.1.2024 for .5 eth * Everything mentioned previously + added to youtube + released to dsp 2 weeks from the date it's collected. Collected by: 6.1.2024 for 1 eth *Everything mentioned previously + I'll upload our first collab "Already Been" (Put In Work) [ re-imagined w.i.p. ] to Catalog Works and send it to your wallet immediately + Both finalized tracks will added to our collab EP, which you will become Executive Producer of in name which will be released to DSP and Bandcamp, which we can have a video or phone call about if you've like to be more involved in that process or talk about increasing the scale of that release. __________________________________ Backstory: thxk_u  originally came over on 4/19/24 to participate with me in person for the first FABC (Flip A Beat Club) Phoenix Challenge.  Due to my physical health, me being able to participate in person at the venue isn't possible so thxnk_u being the kind and thoughtful soul he is, reached out the Nydia who is the captain the FABC Phoenix Chapter and arranged to get the Sample Crate sent to us, so we could participate remotely.   The FABC event happened to fall on the same day as the Dibia$e sample challenge playback livestream on youtube.  #dibiflipsession01 (Dutchyyy Submission) [playback livestream video] So thxk_u came earlier in the day to watch the playback stream with me, while we waited to hear back from Nydia to get the FABC sample crate link (which didn't happen until it was too late) Hours and Hours passed as Dibia$e played back over 200 submissions and we still couldn't reach Nydia so thxk_u asked if I would mind pivoting to showing him more of my workflow and sample chop process in ableton live since the first previous time he was over trying to learn, he had leave early before being able to try to the process himself. "Already Been" (Put In Work) [ re-imagined w.i.p. ] So once again,  thxk_u created the drums, and I showed him all the boring prep work I have to do to set up before I even begin to chop a sample.  He did a quick practice take of chops using my method and asked if I wanted to add to it.  So I had him export the session and email it to me, so I would work on my desktop instead of his laptop. Loaded up the session, while fighting back as hard as possible from being distracted by the tumor on my spine swelling up (I named it Quad, +1 if you get the reference) and in typical Dutch fashion, I kinda took over without even realizing it.  I shifted some drums around, removing some hi-hats, then I changed up the chops he just laid in the beginning of the beat and extended them a few bars before shifting gears quickly and creating the change up chops....      This whole process after the long resample prep-work part, i.e. creating the actual beat.... Drums, Chops, Sequence all happened in the course of like 20 minutes....A true microwave beat haha. Unfortunately,  I pushed my body well beyond its limits that day and the night before so I literally could no longer sit up at my desk and asked thxk_u if he minded if we called it a night. I did a quick, realtime live resample bounce of our quick session and exported it as the audio you hear now. __________________________________ Video Version via  Proof of life (continued...) __________________________________ Discover more thxk_u: Catalog Works: ZORA: BANDCAMP: __________________________________ Distribution of funds: 50% - Dutchyyy.eth 50% - thxk_u  [49% to wallet tied to zora / 1% to wallet tied to catalog]

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