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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Believe (I want to...)

Believe (I want to...)



Produced by Dutchyyy Backstory: This was created, mixed and mastered in Ableton Live within a 1 hour time limit beat battle verses my homie DJ (PeaceOutPremiere) using only a Single Studio Monitor (speaker) i.e. Mono =/ Created on February 26th 2016 while very briefly living at DJ's crib in Tampa, FL shortly after releasing the digital version of Traversal and a few months prior to moving back to Los Angeles while finalizing the Cassette Version of Traversal. Everyone seemed to Love this track and begged me to put it on the cassette version of Traversal, but I declined due to not being happy with the quick mix/master of track and not wanting to revisit the session after the fact to clean it up. Still it remains a loose track created during the "Traversal" Arc of my Life, So even though it wasn't a part of the digital or cassette version. I still lump it with "Traversal" in my head. Fun Fact: Since it was initially released (uploaded to soundcloud right after export) at least 20 people have messaged me over the years saying they didn't realize the beat has a hidden change up at the end and asked why I sequenced it in a way where it sounds like the track ends before slowly fading back into the final change up and that no DJ would ever have a chance to include the best part of the beat in their set because of this. My response was and always is, I don't make music for DJs, I make music for people like me who lost their minds hearing hidden Pete Rock Interludes after songs.... I.E. intentionally unconventionally always trying to reward to the patient ear =)

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