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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Anticipation Suite (f/ aji & dastan)

Anticipation Suite (f/ aji & dastan)



Produced by: Dutchyyy Vocals by: aji & dastan [The Kitties] "Catalog Cook Off 010 (athena)" Backstory: I almost missed this sample challenge. Ended up loading up the sample folder the day of the playback stream and among all the amazing violin samples was a super long experimental recording I fell in love with and then I stumbled on the recording of her two cats doing asmr <3 I love cats so much so there was no way I wasn't taking this chance to use those samples and create a theme around them. As I listened to the audio file fully, I imagined the stages of anxiety domesticated cats must go through when their human family/friend is away... "are they ever coming back" "who is going to feed me" Those stages of emotions that the seemingly independent feline go through... from no cares in the world to how i am going to survive and relief they must feel once we return. I made this track in a few hours, super rushed but super inspired and drove my cat nuts the entire time blasting it through my studio monitors in the process. I have a more refined version of this track but I love this initial, real time live demo version so much. I'm thankful I was able to finally make time for this challenge even if it was right at the submission deadline buzzer. This track makes me happy, I'm thankful I received the blessing to share it <3. immortalizing aji & dastan on the forever library. The Anticipation Suite.

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August 24, 2023
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