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Notes Backstory: "Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo!" - Stretch Armstrong Not much of backstory on this one, created in 2013 while living in Los angles. This was just one of those sessions where I was just having fun, making beats. Not a lot of emotional or situational inspiration, just a quick beat for fun you know? Just AnotherLilCrumble. "Chill Gawd, Chill" was released initially February 5th 2015 Digitally on Bandcamp and as A 120minute (2 hour) Cassette, that came with Nag Champa. It sold out immediately and was Bandcamp's best selling Cassette. Due to high demand and fomo, I was pressured into doing a second pressing of Cassette w/ Nag Champa which dropped on my birthday, May 23rd 2016. Once again, it sold out immediately and was Bandcamp's best selling cassette for 2 weeks in a row. Obviously, my most popular / successful instrumental album as Dutchyyy (fka Dutchy) the demand to upload this to streaming was unbearable. To this Day, "Chill Gawd, Chill" remains only available on bandcamp. In fall of 2020, I did one final pressing of the two hour tape w/ Nag Champa. It was the last time I will press "this version" of the cassette. The problem was, I pulled 4 songs fromwhat was supposed to be my follow up album "The Uproot" and placed them on "Chill Gawd, Chill" last minute. Those songs were "Evolution of a shrug" / "The Scramble" / "Lamb's Bread" (feat. ashtrejinkins & sleepyeyes) and removed a few songs that were created specifically for "Chill Gawd, Chill" this decision derailed the release of "The Uproot" which it still remains officially unreleased to this day. Instead I released "Traversal" next, which is actually the follow up album to the "The Uproot". (confusing huh?) *****Whoever ends up collecting this will receive a link to my master cloud based vault "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms" over 110gb's of nearly my full released and unreleased discography. *****

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June 13, 2022
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