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"Wait for it...!"



"Wait for it...!" - Produced by Dutchyyy Backstory: I was on a contract, mid shift working at a hospital in St Louis when I found out about the House Shoes (STREETCORNERMUSIC) Flip Sessions IV.  The deadline was too close for me to wait till I got back home to Tampa to begin working on a flip but I really wanted to participate.  I was working 16hr nights, back to back the entire contract with no days off.  So I had to get creative after my shift.  As soon as I got off at 7am, I took an Uber to the Airport and rented A jeep with an Aux input, I drove back to the Hotel on zero sleep, downloaded the sample to my laptop, took a short nap and then packed my laptop in my backpack to bring to work.  Over the next two shifts,  I'd escape the ICU and head out to the parking lot where I was strategically parked as far as possible from any other cars.  Instead of taking four 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch.  I asked if it was ok if I skipped breaks and just took 2 hour lunches but told staff I would be right outside in the parking lot and to call me if there's an emergency and I'm needed.  I ended up  doing the first half of the beat the 1st night  I took a lunch,  Then decided to flip the sample a completely different way for the 2nd half of the beat on my next lunch break, hence the name of the track.  When I got back to the hotel in the morning.  I uploaded my flip to Soundcloud (February 6th, 2018) and did not miss the deadline =)   and thus,  "Wait for it...!" was born. *****All bidders on this auction will receive a link to my master cloud based vault "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms" over 110gb's of nearly my full released and unreleased discography. *****

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