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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: "the stakes" (f/  MsMMMcG)

"the stakes" (f/ MsMMMcG)



Produced by: Dutchyyy Vocals Written & Performed by: MsMMMcG (aka Margaret "Mousey" McGlynn) Backstory: 3:19am, December 19, 2016, I received my 1st twitter DM from Mousey saying "Hey check yr gmail- sent you 2 songs of yours I recorded vocals for today." Mousey and I spoke prior in Gmail and ran in the same circles where she had Residency (Beat Cinema / Low End Theory, etc) So I was already familiar w/ and a fan of her work. At the time, I was out of town on A contract, teaching at the hospital but I listened on my break and sent her back a message on IG. Letting her know I loved what I heard and added my critiques on the mixing. She recorded over two beats that were already officially released on my album/cassette, so I didn't put too much thought into it. A few months later in March 2017 I asked if she minded if I posted one of the songs on my Soundcloud on her birthday (which is the demo version of Adult and varies from the version on the official "Dutchess EP" MsMMMcG did a lot of live performances so I told her that she can record vocals over any song of mine that inspires her. Months passed and she said she wanted to record enough tracks for an EP. I said that's fine, as long as I can mix the vocals to my beats. She ended up choosing more beats from albums that have already been released, so I said I'm cool with the EP being a free promo thing because I personally didn't want to monetize tracks that I've already released and made money from. More time passed, she would send vocals as she recorded them but I was in the process of working on two new albums and a side project when I was home, and I was out of state traveling teaching at hospitals every other month, So admittedly, I was super busy and I procrastinated on mixing the tracks, until she lit a fire under me letting me know she wanted to shoot multiple videos for the songs. Sent out a few different versions, more time passed, and I finally agreed to her releasing the EP on Bandcamp & Streaming. She was insistent on splitting any profits 50/50 but I declined and told her not to worry about splits because I still felt weird about double monetizing my beats. (I know, I know... I'm not the most business savvy artist on the planet) In April of 2019 she released the "Dutchess EP" on bandcamp & Streaming DUTCHESS EP LINK: Also releasing 3 videos from the EP throughout 2019 The more you know: The Instrumental used for this song is from the 2015 (Digital Version) album "Traversal" and it's originally titled "The Chop & The Loop".

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