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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: "Please Send Nanobots"

"Please Send Nanobots"



Produced by: Dutchyyy Inspired by sample stem provided by: Abjo Backstory: My Sample Challenge Flip Submission for Catalog Cook Off 005 (Abjo) hosted in the Catalog Works Discord back in October of 2022. To be fair. This was more inspired by a sample than my usual sample flips.  You only begin to hear the actual slightly manipulated Abjo start to be layered in around 4 minutes and 18 seconds.  This Challenge happened to occur at a time when my health was [it still is] extremely bad,  was difficult to sit up, felt like every fiber of my organic body was attacking itself, zero moments of comfort which makes being able to focus or be productive extremely challenging.  My physical body was nerfed but my brain/mind/imagination were working over time...     I remember being so stressed out not understanding what was happening to me and losing my mind over the fact I not only had stacked deadlines, but so much creative ambition but my body couldn't execute simple tasks no matter how much my spirit and mind wanted it...  I was humbled to learn "mind over body" is just a wishful catch phrase.   While laying sideways on a yoga mat with Ableton Live open to tackle this Abjo Challenge, I kept visualizing in vivid detail thousands of nanobots traveling through my bloodstream attacking everything that was causing harm to my physical vessel. I blacked out, got distracted and ended up only using the sample as referencing and just composing and playing various virtual instruments creating the soundtrack to what my imagination was wishing would take place. No headphones or studio monitors were used, just my laptop speakers...  This doesn't exist in the arrangement view as everything was sequenced, layered and arranged in real time via resample in real time....    Unfortunately,  being on laptop speakers I couldn't tell I accidently turned off the Side Chain to the Bass, so the raw real time bounce is all that will ever exist. I ended up creating a visual / video to better help convey the meaning behind the song.  My health has been bad for long time and as time passes it keeps getting worse, there are days where it's so unbearable I don't think I can push through it, but how many times can you publicly signal you aren't well and don't think you have the strength to push through before you're just constantly ruining others day with a situation they can't control or help.  So these days it's really bad.....    I just post "Please Send Nanobots" so at least there are breadcrumbs left behind.  A Digital footprint marking all the days I didn't want to endure pushing through, but kept going and kept spreading love and being as productive and consistent as possible. and thus, Please Send Nanobots was born. ---------------------- Additional WorldBuilding: If you would like to see the video for "Please Send Nanobots" you can view it below on bandcamp page: Whoever ends up collecting this audio 1/1 gets to choose how and where the video version will exist. Choose Your Adventure: * 1/1 or Editions on Zora (you choose the chain, supply, price, length etc)          * 1/1 on foundation (mainnet) / Editions on foundation (base) ---------------------- If streaming is your thing..... For real tho,  "Please Send Nanobots"

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