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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: "No Time to Be Sad"

"No Time to Be Sad"



"No Time to Be Sad" - is my track from sold out compilation "Earwax Day Dream" released on Fuzzoscope in 2018 ( ) Winner of the Auction will receive a link to my master vault google drive titled "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms", with over 100gbs of nearly the full released discography, (1996-future). Multiple unreleased albums and WIP, Portals / Evolving Portals (real time sessions, making music from start to end, with the intention of resampling that session in the future and continuously evolving it), side projects, as well as videos posted to my instagram, youtube, and previous twitch vods. This drive is constantly being updated/added to which will never stop happening. *****if this auction reaches 1eth or beyond, on top of the google drive link, I will ship them my sealed copy of the sold out Cassette "Earwax Daydream" and a 1TB Samsung SSD portable drive, loaded with everything on it from the google drive, that way you can add to it whenever I upload new stuff to the google drive or release thru bandcamp, etc... (or use it however they please) ****** Track Backstory: Back before the pandemic wiped out my career, my career was traveling state to state working at hospitals teaching physicians and nurses how to chart electronically. I would work a few contracts a year, 30 - 90 days in a row, no days off, which gave me the freedom to come home and have the time and freedom to create with no pressure or distractions. However, I always want to create so always brought my laptop to work. One day in 2018, I was outside of the hospital sitting on a bench during my lunch break, and my co-workers came over and asked what I was doing. I was working on a song from my album, and they said "oh you make beats?, we want to see you make one from scratch" so I asked them to the choose the sample, then created this on laptop speakers in front of six co-workers in 15 minutes. When I got home from the contract, I put more time into the track, adding more swing to hi-hats, some bass, and a few minor mixdown changes. However, I accidently opened up a new session, erasing all the progress I made, so the 15 minute hospital bench version is all that exists..... for now. =) I'm very grateful to be releasing this on Catalog Works. For someone with such an expansive catalog, I've only uploaded one album and a few singles to Streaming sites since 2015 in protest of criminally low artist pay outs per stream. More than the loss of potential exposure and income, I always feel bad that I don't make my music easily accessible to the majority of people who use those services. I am a lifetime collector of music, Cassettes, CD, Vinyl, etc. It feels right being able to add to this special space of collectors, so thank you to all the collectors of art out there. You are appreciated. - Dutchyyy

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April 1, 2022
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