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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: "GG" (Too O.P.  Please Nerf)

"GG" (Too O.P. Please Nerf)


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"GG" (Too O.P. Please Nerf) - is my track from the sold out compilation "Earwax Headspace" released on Fuzzoscope in 2019 ( Winner of the Auction will receive a link to my master vault google drive titled "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms", with over 100gbs of nearly the full released discography, (1996-future). Multiple unreleased albums and WIP, Portals / Evolving Portals (real time sessions, making music from start to end, with the intention of resampling that session in the future and continuously evolving it), side projects, as well as videos posted to my instagram, youtube, and previous twitch vods. This drive is constantly being updated/added to which will never stop happening. Just email PeacePeaceGawd (at) Gmail w/ proof of winning bid, and I'll send it right over. *****if this auction reaches 1eth or beyond, on top of the google drive link, I will ship the.. + my sealed copy of the sold out CASSETTE for "Earwax Headspace" + a 1TB Samsung SSD portable drive, loaded with everything on it from the google drive, that way you can add to it whenever I upload new stuff to the google drive or release thru bandcamp, etc... (or use it however they please) ****** Track Backstory: One sunny after noon after going on hike & chilling on the beach, I came home, immediately jumped on Xbox (Destiny 2) and hopped into Crucible (PVP) to get my blood flowing and flex my reaction time muscle. As a kid and young adult, I only played RPG's because the soundtracks were always dope, especially JRPGS. I took a decade off of playing video games, then ended up getting sucked into Destiny after an EX recommended it. My backstory as a musician began in the mid 90's, so battle rap was first love, why is this relevant? cus PVP in Destiny gave me that same competitive rush that emceeing did in the mid to late 90's, so when i wasn't getting lost in nature, or making music, I was sweating in the crucible (PVP) =) I began to notice, my music sessions would end up better after playing a little PVP to wake my brain, so after i turned off the Xbox, I loaded up Ableton and loaded up an old session titled "Reset" ( - which I originally uploaded to soundcloud to celebrate 10k followers 6 years ago ) and I instead of refining it, I ended up wiping the slate clean and try to breath new live into. A few hours later "GG" (Too O.P. Please Nerf) was born.
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April 19, 2022

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