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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: "Chill Gawd, Chill"

"Chill Gawd, Chill"



"Chill Gawd, Chill" - Produced by Dutchyyy The title track from the infamous 2hr Tape "Chill Gawd, Chill" -------------------------- "Don't over think it" / "Utility" ***By collecting this record, you will unlock the full 39 track album from being exclusive to Bandcamp & Cassette only, and finally make it available on all streaming platforms. Which will make you a superhero in eyes of everyone who's been asking for this to become a reality since it originally dropped in 2015*** ***While we all know that "Music is the Utility" the Collector of this 1/1 will receive one of my personal copies of the sold out final pressing of the 120 minute "Chill Gawd, Chill" Cassette Tape and a box of Authentic (Original) Satyary a "Nag Champa" Incense (100 grams) , From Bengaluru, India w/ the Custom "Chill Gawd, Chill" Sticker on it.*** ***Collector will also receive a 1TB Samsung SSD drive which will have a zip of the original Ableton Live (ALS) Project File / Session with all the samples and stems from when this track was originally made and exported on February 4th, 2015. The SSD will also be loaded up with the "Dutchyyy VS The Algorithms" Master Vault which is over 120GB of my nearly my full released & unreleased discography (1996-present) as well as a folder of videos, photos, previous live streams from Twitch, Youtube & IG. @PeacePeaceGawd *** -------------------------- Album Title: "Chill Gawd, Chill" Runtime: 120 minutes Release Date: February 5th, 2015 Tracklist: SIDE A 1. The A-Side 01:55 2. Turning Point (f/ Chester Watson) 02:15 3. Como El Hielo 04:48 4. Sunday Chops 03:23 5. Fat Night Session (f/ NiceGuyxVinny) 02:14 6. EIRYNGHT (f/ OriJanus) 03:38 7. The Boogie & The Search 02:38 8. His Orchestra (f/ Ben Jamin) 04:12 9. AllMost 01:48 10. Untitled in April (f/ Vik) 01:55 11. Hero Hair 02:28 12. MyStylesLike... 01:41 13. That Uh Make You Say... 01:29 14. DeadAss 02:22 15. Nah B 02:26 16. The Hardest 03:46 17. AnotherLilCrumble 02:35 18. The Scramble 05:52 19. Evolution of a Shrug 06:27 20. Lamb's Bread (f/ Sleepy Eyes & AshTreJinkins) 03:54 SIDE B 21. The B-Side 01:53 22. Chill Gawd, Chill 03:07 23. Just Be Yourself 03:33 24. In Headphones, at your party 02:17 25. Aini 02:29 26. Broken Circadian 01:32 27. The Eraser (Part I) 03:42 28. The Eraser (Part II) 03:57 29. Dedicado 04:15 30. Medutayshun (f/ Ahwlee) 02:22 31. Astral Travl'n 03:43 32. Simplemente 03:38 33. SuprNatrl 03:53 34. Ridiculous! 04:28 35. ShameOnYu 04:52 36. Star In The East (f/ Kaelin Ellis) 02:58 37. Rik's Jawn 04:54 38. WoneChuGoAway 01:47 39. OneforShoes 01:58 Backstory: Before we time travel to the beginning, Let's start this at the very end. "Chill Gawd, Chill" was the last song created for the album. When I say last, I mean it did not even exist 48 hrs prior to the album being released . The title track was created in Upstate NY at Sam's Point Nature Preserve on Feb 4th, 2014 the day prior to the Album being stealth released and immediately selling out on Feb 5th 2015. "Chill Gawd, Chill" held Bandcamp's top selling HipHop Cassette and Digital release for 2 weeks straight long after all copies were sold out. Before we get into how and why this particular track was made, let's time travel back to 2012 and visit my tiny apartment in San Pedro, CA. overlooking the Port of Los Angeles where this album first began. Since this backstory will be revisited in detail in the near future when I mint the song "Medutayshun" (f/ Ahwlee) I'll Just summarize the important part. My friend Kronika / Angel of Soulection introduced me to a produced named "Ahwlee". We vibed and clicked pretty fast and he would come stay at my apartment and we would both be making beats in headphones on separate laptops, Him on Ableton and me on FL Studio. Long Story Short, after multiple visits of him making entire albums in Ableton Live while I was still working on One beat in FL Studio, I finally asked him to teach me Ableton. The next morning (May 16th 2012), We put that teaching into practice and collaborated on our first track. Him on drums, synths and me on chops. We knocked this track out in a matter of minutes, and exported the track. He packed up his laptop and headed home and as soon as he left, I immediately uploaded the track to Soundcloud ( ) and history was made. While I didn't know at the time, this would become the first track created for "Chill Gawd, Chill". For the following week I would make a few more beats in FL Studio (which ended up on my album "Blue Screen of Deaf) and I was getting frustrated with how long everything took compared to Ableton. Ahwlee came back over on my birthday (May 23rd 2012) with the intention of installing Ableton onto my laptop. I decided to close a chapter in my life and made my very beat in FL Studio titled "Just Be Yourself" (which was the first track from the album I minted on Catalog that @StvdioNoveau / @snvault just collected which unlocked the title track of "Chill Gawd, Chill" to be minted for a chance to unlock the album to DSP's) - To bring us back on track, Ceremoniously closing the chapter and giving FL Studio a proper send off was like being reborn. I immediately dove into Ableton Live and started cranking out music I loved at a rapid rate. Going from FL Studio to Ableton was like taking ankle weights and chains off. I was having so much fun, and I was able to execute ideas very very quickly. Over the next 2 years, I made a lot of music, collabed with alot of my friends and every song was done in 15minutes to an hour max. Fast forward to mid 2013, while living in a new apartment in Hawthorne, A ridiculous chain of events would happen that would create a new Arc for how I approached music. Times were heavy, my heart was broken so the music became more intentional. After a nasty breakup and nearly tossing my laptop out of the window, my friend Kaelin Ellis called me to calm me down and convinced me to take all that pain and anger and channel it into making music. After we hung up, I created "The Firelighter" which became the first track created for what was meant to be my next album "The Uproot". After that night, There was a different energy attached to what I was creating. Shortly after, I lost my job at Warner Brothers, got evicted from my apartment and was painfully ejected from Los Angeles. After a short return back home to Tampa, FL I moved to Upstate NY and went through a little more pain before finally achieving peace on a secluded mountain where my spirit, outlook and sound would evolve. (you can read more about that back story here - ) The Reality is, I had so much new music I was excited to release which became the albums "The Uproot" & "Traversal" which I wanted to release as a double album telling a full very intentional story. but I was sitting on so much unreleased music that I made while in Los Angeles and it felt weird releasing this super heavy double album while all this other unreleased music that represented a whole Arc of life where I was just having fun was still in limbo. So I started sorting all of that music and decided to release the older music first on cassette. I realized I had too many songs to fit on a 90 minute Tape, So I decided to press a 120 minute Cassette. At the last minute, I lost a few tracks due to corrupted Ableton projects so I filled in the gaps by pulling 4 songs from "The Uproot" which I regret. At the time, I was able to justify it in my mind because, everything else was so old and didn't really represent where I was currently at musically so I added "The Scramble" / "Evolution of a Shrug" / "Lamb's Bread" / & "OneForShoes" to fill out the cassette. This choice would eventually come back to haunt me and become the catalyst of years of hoarding music due to releasing music out of order from when it was created which seems silly but Chronological documentation has always been something I value. To wrap this up where we first began in this story, It was the day before I planned to release the album I titled "Chill Gawd, Chill" An album I titled in response to everyone asking non stop when I would drop a new album. I've been burning "Nag Champa" incense ritualistically since the mid 90's. Nearly every beat on that album was created with smoke drifting in the air, I got all of my friends in Los Angeles hooked on burning Nag Champa and the album also represented a period in my life where I was super chill and didn't approach music with too much intent or heaviness so I had my friend DJ (PeaceOutPremiere) to Design the cover artwork and stickers, and attached stickers to boxes of Nag Champa to mail out with the tapes but something was missing. The album needed one final track, created with intent to convey the overall vibe of the album. The entire album was full of sample chops, but while I was on the mountain, I also started making music under the alias "Sonofziggy" which was no samples, just one take, live recorded long form sessions of me blindly playing keys and instruments. So for the final track, I wanted to sample myself, So I played some keys, Then I chopped up my own recording like I would any other sample, laid some drums, Played some more keys, bass and synths and Bounced out a song live in one take, and thus was born the title track to the 2 hour tape "Chill Gawd, Chill" The next day, I quietly dropped the album on Bandcamp with pre-orders for the Cassette. It sold out immediately and was Bandcamp's best selling Cassette. Due to high demand and fomo, I was pressured into doing a second pressing of Cassette w/ Nag Champa which dropped on my birthday, May 23rd 2016. Once again, it sold out immediately and was Bandcamp's best selling cassette for 2 weeks in a row. Obviously, my most popular / successful instrumental album as Dutchyyy (fka Dutchy) the demand to upload this to streaming was unbearable. To this Day, "Chill Gawd, Chill" remains only available on bandcamp. In fall of 2020, I did one final pressing of the two hour tape w/ Nag Champa. It was the last time I will press "this version" of the cassette

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