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Happy Roland SP #404day Produced by Dutchyyy Backstory: Snippet of my Dibia$e Ninja Scroll Sample Challenge Submission #EvolvingPortals from 4/04/2020 This was one of the 1st Evolving Portals that got me addicted to using the SP404 as a Resample & Manipulate real time capture / storage device where I would record takes, export/import those takes back into ableton, and mangle and experiment further and further, resampling the resampled resample. ā¬‡ļø What are/is #EvolvingPortals ?: šŸ”— ā¬‡ļø The 1/1 video of more snippets being created in real time will exist: šŸ”— Collector of the 1/1 video will be transferred this 1/1. Happy #404day <3 Dutchyyy

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April 5, 2024
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