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Cover art for Dutchmassive's song: "The Love"  - Produced by Remot

"The Love" - Produced by Remot



"The Love" Written & Record by: Dutchmassive Produced by: Remot Originally Written in 2006 (to "The Sun God" Instrumental - Produced by Hi-Tek) Re-Recorded in 2009 (for the "Eclectic Relaxation" Mixtape/album (w/ a few extra bars added Addressing my sentiments about how Lupe Fiasco handled the 2007 VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards where he was blessed to cover a ATCQ classic and fumbled that honor w/o any grace.) [context] The version you hearing today was recorded specifically for: DJ Chong Wizard Presents: "Eclectic Relaxation" (A Tribute To A Tribe Called Quest) An album where DJ Chong Wizard paired his favorite emcees at the time, with producers who all recreated/re-imagined their favorite A Tribe Called Quest beats. + Originally Released via Thick Magazine & (Jan 5th 2010) + Re-Released on 100 limited Cassettes (November 9, 2018) for the 20th Anniversary of "Midnight Marauders" by A Tribe Called Quest Tracklist: 01. DJ Chong Wizard - Check The Classic (prod. by Complexxx) 01:14 02. El Da Sensei - Can I Kick It (prod. by LoKeyNote) 02:36 03. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Lyrics To Go (prod. by Bidimridim) 04:09 04. The Lessondary (Tanya Morgan, Jermiside, A Brother Named George & Elucid) - Check The Rhime (prod. by Bidimridim) 03:55 05. Muneshine ft. Roshin & DJ Sonik - Steve Biko (prod. by Muneshine) 03:14 06. MeccaGodZilla, Junclassic & Monsta X - Award Tour (prod. by Zup) 03:24 07. Frank Nitti - Eclectic Relaxation (prod. by G.C.) 01:35 08. Jovi Rockwell - Gotta Get Out (prod. by Ro Data) 03:26 09. Dre Biggity - Find A Way (prod. by Damar Davis & Fonkee 1) 03:23 10. Moka Only - Push It Along (prod. by Moka Only) 02:59 11. Jeff Spec & Moka Only - Butter (prod. by K-Murdock) 03:18 12. Phoenix Jones & Big Norf Da God - Verses From The Blaq ETz (prod. by DJ Chong Wizard) 03:37 13. Phoenix Jones & Jis The Future - Jazz (prod. by Has-Lo) 03:12 14. The Googlenaries (Moka Only & Bootie Brown of the Pharcyde) - Skypager (prod. by Moka Only) 02:23 15. Donny Arcade - The Scenario (prod. by Don Joe) 03:59 16. Dutchmassive - The Love (prod. by Remot) 02:38 17. St. Mic & Tomorrow's Yesterday - Pad & Pen (prod. by St. Mic) 03:47 18. Wax & EOM - A Date Called Quest (prod. by EOM) 03:26 19. The Movement Fam - Oh My God (prod. by Bidimridim) 03:17 --------------------------------------- Lyrics: [Verse 1 – Dutchmassive] "Live between a crisp drum kit / Reviving what you miss on some overseas tip, you can feel the sun in this / rich in nutritional substance, you grow when listen, in warmth in abundance, cooked in soul kitchen / we the mission that's completed, feeding you needed, we share the same vision so plan is proceeding / now move forward, this the sound of the new age, when old souls combined and form thoughts on a loose page / The Stage has been set, Pictures been painted, Welcome to Eclectic Relaxation / Training for a new day, departure this very night, the midnight marauder and i'm leaving on the next flight / Florida to France.... I'm still sitting at the Bus Stop, Chilling in a B-Boy Stance / and now that the movement is in, I'd like to tell y'all how my day first begins.../ I wake, Stretch it out, it's a new day today, nothing new under the sun, I feel great / Lift off, I'm heading towards france and I may, cancel all U.S. tour dates / the weights off my shoulders and fine, and this time i'm not even searching for sign / I'm packing it up and i'm leaving with my my / Juicy Jazz T-shirt for the ride well, Flyyyyy / I'm High into orbit and thinking that that's it / no turning back Dutch, you got this! / Drop all the drama you carry and uplift, dont quit, sit back, relax and land quick / (sigh) I think about a path everyday......, I wish I knew which one to take......, this break needs to fall into place, before exit into outer space, space, space... / you should have seen my face, I'm watching hip-hop honours and some ones out of place / how you get the chance to show tribute to the greats, then you fumble all their lyrics, cus you never bought their tapes?!?! / This the new-age Native tongue / The Spit Kicker, Beat Fanatic, Re-defining love / If you don't appreciate the value of the glove, then pass over the torch over to someone who does" ------------------------------------- Fun facts: "The Love" was released as A Maxi Single on DSP's in 2010 [ ] and was later added to the Bandcamp version of "Crush Your System" [ ] ******If Requested, Collector of this 1/1 will receive my copy of the sold out "Eclectic Relaxation" Cassette

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