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Cover art for Dutchmassive's song: "The Final Voice Memo" (Traversal Summery Freestyle)

"The Final Voice Memo" (Traversal Summery Freestyle)



Recorded October 20th, 2015. Location: Hillsborough River (Tampa Bay, FL) The final voice memo Freestyle I ever recorded as I wrapped up the final touches on my last official instrumental album "Traversal". I just finished mixing "Welcome My Darling" on the park bench, next to the river. (which I ended up not using for Traversal, and would later appear on "BeatHoarder Vol. 1" While Listening back through the Aux connected to my JBL mini speaker on Loop, I spontaneously started freestyling into my outdated crappy android phone. After listening to the freestyle back, I was strangely satisfied that an unplanned freestyle session actually turned out super cohesive in terms of documenting my experience creating Traversal. But it sounded horrible haha, you can barely hear the vocals.... This is when I said "Enough is Enough" and searched endlessly for a work around or app that would let you play music on the phone while also recording your vocals on the phone.... it did not exist at this time....... Further searches lead me to the "Tascam DR-05" and as I closed the chapter on Traversal. (The Digital Version at least) A new Chapter Began. The Reluctant Clap: Chapter I (DailyRambles) [Tascam DR-05 Freestyles] aaaaand began the Era of working on the cassette version of "Traversal" =) + + Were Building Context here.... Incoming!

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