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Cover art for Dutchmassive's song: "Project: REACH" (Radio Promo EP) [2006]

"Project: REACH" (Radio Promo EP) [2006]



Artist: Dutchmassive Album: Project: REACH (Radio Promo Mixtape) Created: 2003-2006 Released: June 27, 2006 Label: Domination Recordings Artwork by: Pixel Slanger Radio Promo EP version runtime: 14 minutes, 55 seconds. ------------------------ Track List: 00:00 - "Wheels of Progress" (Sample This Intro) 00:57 - "Project: REACH" 02:56 - "Little Drummer Boi" 03:34 - "The Art of the collar pop" 04:59 - "Seasoned Emcee" 08:07 - "My Apology" 12:03 - "When life throws you lemons, make Juicy Jazz" 14:55 - "Conclusion" (Sample This Outro) ------------------------ Backstory / Context: The context and backstory exists in the lyrics contained in the audio of this artifact as well as the title. For further world building around Project: REACH, please visit: πŸ”— πŸ”— Original (out of print) Pressing info: πŸ”— πŸ”— 🌐Project: REACH

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