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"Ghibli" - Produced by Dutchyyy


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"Ghibli" Year created: 2006 Written & Performed by: Dutchmassive Produced by: Dutchyyy Recorded by: Dutchmassive @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Mixed & Mastered by: Dutchyyy @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Album: "Crush Your System" Track: 4 Released: Nov 28, 2007 Label: Rawkus Records Original Dutchmassive Logo By: Open Mic Re-Designed Logo by: Barry & Dutch "Crush Your System" was created 2001-2007 & has had songs added to the bandcamp version 2008-Present. ----------------------------- Lyrics: [Verse 1] "We gotta make a change, in our life this year (Nah) / Two thousand what?, won't say the year / That's for Q-tip, This for Extra P / This for everytime someone thinks of quoting me / They notice me, I Notice them, I wanna reach out, thanks, give peace to them / That's peace to me, when the song's in tune / We all have parts which one are you? / I'd like to think, that i'm the drums / The Heart that beats, when you need one / When you need one, You need one!, I'm telling you fam yo you need one / Set a goal, Remind your soul, Planet an Idea and watch it grow / Let's take it slow, Let's making happen / This your (Audible Laughter) Why you laughing? / Just think, Try and imagine / If we dreamed less and took more action / Let's redefine passion, redefine sleep and my name is Dutchmassive / and my name is Dutchmassive, and my name is Dutchmassive...." [Verse 2] ::::Repeat verse 1 slowed down in half to make sure the message sinks in:::: ----------------------------- Backstory: I created this beat early 2006 on FL Studio (Fruity Loops version 3) shortly after selling my mpc2000. In the living room of my Condo in Tampa Bay that I shared with my friend and fellow Emcee "Will Widdoss". To this day, I've only rhymed over a few beats that I myself produced. At this time (2006) I was only known as a Rapper, even though I had been producing as long as i've been rapping (1995). I just released my first official instrumental project titled "The DrumLove EP" which was available on nearly every major hiphop blog at the time. It was pretty short, around 20 minutes long and unfortunately was riddled with an overload of drops that make me cringe haha but back then, Instrumental HipHop (what has since been dubbed as Lofi-HipHop) was not very normalized or accepted and leaving your beats open would usually result in rappers taking it an invite to just record songs over your beats without asking, so the drops were necessary. Since my name was finally out there as A Producer as well as an emcee, I wanted to have at least one or two songs on my upcoming album that I Produced. So I opened up the sliding patio door, Blasted the beat on repeated and paced back and forth on the grass writing a song about gratitude and harmony. Came inside, Recorded My Vocals, Processed, mixed and decided, this message was too important to be one short verse, So I created my own version of the encore, while also introducing people to my default zone, super slowed and mellowed. allowing anyone listening to be able to fully digest my words. and thus was born "Ghibli" A name I chose as the intent was the blow new winds of change through the industry and create some possible ripples, Kinda like how watching any Studio Ghibli movie usually leaves a lasting impression that fosters compassion and empathy in it's viewers.
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January 26, 2023
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