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"Far Away" - Produced by Rik Marvel


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"Far Away" Year created: 2006 Written & Performed by: Dutchmassive Produced by: Rik Marvel Recorded by: Dutchmassive @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Mixed & Mastered by: Dutchyyy @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Album: "Crush Your System" Released: Nov 28, 2007 Label:  Rawkus Records Original Dutchmassive Logo By: Open Mic Re-Designed Logo by: Barry & Dutch "Crush Your System" was created 2001-2007 & has had songs added to the bandcamp version 2008-Present. ----------------------------- Lyrics: [Verse 1] "I think about a vacation like everyday, stay up breaking dawn just to hide from them florida rays  / dazed and these cycles just retract like a boomerang / same struggle daily, wanna trade with a buddhist brain / lately so buddha on the brain, I'm a useless frame / every sight and sound enhanced only I lose my aim / spittin' ain't the same when the comfort replaces pain / my phantom friends, only come around when it doesn't rain / i'm sayin' like, once upon a dream I ran away / woke up hours later with a vision and different name / progression is serious, I focus on object, I don't get sidetracked, I'm always delirious / immune to the bullsh*t,  i'm not fast & furious / I don't understand what the big hurry is / ya'll better slow down, the Chorus is Brand-Nu-be un-do the green light thinking and just blink kid" (Chorus) "What if you could just... just blink yourself away, and Just think / What if you could just... just blink yourself away, and Just think / What if you could just... just blink yourself away, and Just think....Just think,  Just think" (Bridge 1) "Sometimes I gotta, go for walks at night / Just when the weather's right, you know?  sometimes I gotta get away" (Verse 2) "Ayo I sit upon a patio, practice acts and art / I write rhymes, get high & Rip my lungs apart / I sleep all day, and come out when it's dark / from um, dusk till dawn, we let the (inhale) spark / when we tell tales, they come from the heart / I'm thinking power moves as soon as the sun departs / I'm talking above fiction and what you hear when listen, you listen. ::faintly whispers:: (are you listening) / Fool I am ambition / an inspiration system / I create music and solid material from my vision / under the moonlight / i'm just trying to get my mood right / I'm crazy when it's light, can't stand the afternoon life / Mr. Mellow / You sleep because I said so / morning time is coming soon, but please don't steal my M.O. / cus that's N.O. / times two moving dead slow / i'm mad chill but the vibe is electro / Relax-a-a-a-tion / don't rush Dutch cus he's Pa-a -a-tient / cus at midnight / my mind is mid-flight / under the stars, i'm just trying to get my ish right,  yea i'm just trying to get my ish right" (Bride 2) "and sometimes i like to,  I like to just go to the park, ya-know early morning, get lifted and think about what I can do to progress" (Chorus) "What if you could just... just blink yourself away, and Just think / What if you could just... just blink yourself away, and Just think / What if you could just... just blink yourself away, and Just think....Just think,  Just think" "Get your soul back" Repeat ----------------------------- Backstory: Far Away was my mode ode to Escapism & Progression.  Growing up as a teenager,  Pete Rock's "Escapism" was the song from the album that resonated the most.  From the production to the lyrics,  it was a mode that always stuck with me.  A vivid Daydreamer born into sub optimal conditions found a way to tune out the harsh reality he was dealt and aspire for greater things.  I don't mean greater as in quantity or material, rather purpose thru creating tiny ripples, trying to reach hearts and minds, and do my best to make sure my heart and mind remain open to receive even during the most hectic of times.  To be unswayed by the noise or shiny things, to remind my soul this isn't our first time experiencing this world and not to let its harsh conditions harden you and extinguish your light.  If you're a head,  Hopefully you caught the reference and Nod to The Roots - "Proceed" as it was a song that helped shape me as a teenager and helped me become a better man.  I often added classic hip-hop references / Nods into my songs as a way of saying thank you for raising me right and a sign of respect and acknowledgement to the inspirations that helped shape me.   This song was written in different time periods.  The 2nd verse was actually written in 2001,  on the balcony of my first Studio apartment and it was written and recorded to a different beat (produced by my man "Main")  I think that version only exists somewhere on a blank cassette,  maybe one day i'll find it and upload it, I honestly forgot it existed until I began writing this backstory.  I said it before, but it's pretty amazing how music can transport you back to the moments when you were first creating it, but I'm contradicting my own lyrics and getting distracted and sidetracked haha.   The 1st verse was written in 2006, on the balcony / porch of a condo I was renting w/ my friend and one of my favorite emcees, Will Widdoss.  I say it was written on the porch,  but that means I was probably pacing back & forth in the parking lot as sitting still was never really my strong suit especially when it came to writing songs but I know it began on the porch and most likely ended there.   As for context around the verse.  I was two years out from releasing my Debut album "Junk Planet".  An album I sunk years into my life creating and even though it was in every major store world wide and had a good amount of hype and dope reviews.  3 months after it dropped the Label filed for bankruptcy and never paid any of the Artists on the Label.  Long story short,  reality smacked me in the face and Dutchy had to re-enter the workforce haha.  I couldn't handle going back into corporate work structures at the time,  So I started doing landscaping with a few friends,  A job I knew most people would look down on, but one that had zero form of corruption attached to it and my soul needed a break from sales jobs, mortgages,  call centers or anything that involved pushing products on people.  The shift humbled me and gave me full workday's to listen to beats and brainstorm, all while working closely with mother nature and making lawns and gardens look pretty.  This probably seems like a weird pivot in topics,  but choosing to do landscaping over returning to the corporate world at the time was a very pivotal life choice that gave me so much time to think, be introspective and plan things out.  It did wonders for my creativity and working in that florida summer heat definitely helped me sleep at night.  Something I've never been able to do since I was an infant, and still to this day,  no matter how many times I try to reverse my schedule,  It immediately flips back to Nocturnal mode, because that's when my mind is hyper creative and active.  So much so that I spent 2009-2019 traveling state to state, teaching nurses and physicians how to chart electronically and in those 10 years,  I only worked the day shift,  maybe 3 weeks total in a decade.  The rest of the time, my shift was always between 5pm-8am =) I think my love for the night has less to do with sunlight and more to do with the tranquility & the stillness,  like having the world all to yourself.  Not sure if that makes sense.     When it comes to the topic of inhaling plantlife. Tree's have always calmed my over active mind and allowed me to focus on things, the problem is and always has been.  I gain all these enhanced senses, but I lose my ability to communicate.  It's a hard trade off sometimes, but something I've been super self aware of my whole life.  I know a lot of people can relate, but it was something that was weighing on me at the time, so it ended up manifesting in the song.    I love this song with all my heart. No real concept, No Ego, just real time self reflection and hope for a brighter future. I've overcome so much in life since this was released, but I never lost my love for progressive escapism after the sun sets =) If you haven't caught on by now, that line about never getting distracted no longer applies to my core personality haha. I'm the ultimate real time pivot side tracked champion these days, It's nice to tho to listen back and remember a time when I was able to hyper focus This wasn't my typical backstory huh? Like Freestyling time travel a bit. thank you for taking time to read the backstory and thank you for listening. - Dutch
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