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Cover art for DrewsThatDude's song: Tokyo




This is piece 2/3 of the Sirens EP. "Tokyo" was originally released as the background track for a visual put together by the fam Eric Guzman & Directed by Ameya. This video was a visual representation of Tokyo during the chilling times of the cancelled 2020 Olympics due to the pandemic. Special Treasure to the one who collects them all Winner of this Piece shall receive 1 Vault III Cassette 1 Exclusive Fragrance Tag 1 Black Variable Speed Modified Cassette Walkman Selectable Photocell/ Knob Control/ CV Input w/ AM/FM Radio, Voice Activated Recording Mic, and Headphone Out Control tape speed via knob or selectable light reactive and voltage reactive modes. Putting the pitch knob in a fast position will increase the amount of influence from light or voltage. Brighter light near the photocell will result in slowing the speed. CV mode works best with LFOs, Oscillators, Sequencers, etc. Runs on two AA batteries Art Designed By Chromaspring

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October 21, 2021
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