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Cover art for DOT.KAI's song: Coming Down [Critical Touch]

Coming Down [Critical Touch]



Coming Down - DOT.KAI & Arran Sym Our first Japanese language record press. From our recent album release "Critical Touch" This song swings between English and Japanese lyrics while expressing the desire to be saved from ones own internal loneliness. The hook resounds around the phrase "Tasukeru wa" meaning "Will you save me?" and ponders the emotions we may feel when we are discarded by the ones we love. The first mint from our "Critical Touch" NFT campaign. We will be minting a select number of songs from the album to be accompanied by 3D animated NFTs that will be released over the next 3 months. Any NFT holder from this series will be granted access to our private discord, which will include moodboards, templates and other assets used to create the album. The winner of this piece will also receive: - The Coming Down album master .wav file - A Facetime call with DOT.KAI and Arran Sym - Demo versions of the record - The special alternative artwork for this NFT mint + the original Coming Down single artwork - A 9:16 "iphone sized" version of the jacket + alternate

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November 7, 2021
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