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Nova Drift 2 is a 23-track mixtape of original music by Dot, created as a sequel to the first mix released in 2020. The process of writing these tracks began as a creative challenge during the pandemic — after setting a goal of making a new song per day for 5 days, the writing spree went on for nearly two months, with 75 tracks created as a result. Nova Drift 2 continues with this format, with the majority of music resulting from daily practices and experiments, sitting down and creating something regardless of mood or inspiration. Listen to the extended version of Nova Drift 2 with remixes here: The holder of this NFT will also receive a DEMO PASS to unlock a regularly updated folder of unreleased music and works in progress from Dot and her collaborators. Only three demo passes will be in existence, and this is the second to be released. Demo pass holders will also gain free entry +1 to any Dot show (first-come-first-serve basis, festivals excluded). Tracklist: 1. vrsp 2. strobe light 3. say it 4. bounce 5. ambush 6. never enough 7. is it too much 8. world rally 9. beat smash 10. neon pressure 11. charley 12. train to nara 13. coping mechanisms 14. future cinema 15. overpriced underground 16. spark 17. lost tape 18. seasoning 19. let it happen 20. missing what was never there 21. follow me 22. moonburn 23. what happens after mars

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August 17, 2022
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