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Cover art for dot's song: NOVA DRIFT




“Nova Drift” is a 31-track mix of all original music by Dot. Originally posted on Soundcloud in spring of 2020, it includes 17 unreleased instrumentals, as well as early versions of the tracks that would later become part of the ‘Life Support’ LP. The holder of this NFT will also receive a DEMO PASS to unlock a regularly updated folder of unreleased music and works in progress from Dot and her collaborators. Only three demo passes will be in existence, and this is the first of three. Demo pass holders will also gain free entry +1 to any Dot show (first-come-first-serve basis, festivals excluded). Track List: 1. keep on 2. nova’s theme 3. pulsar 4. phase runner 5. nonphysical digital 6. life support 7. never turning back 8. big solar energy 9. loneliness hits different now 10. in flux 11. don’t talk sh*t behind my back 12. ya huh 13. out of orbit 14. i should be sleeping 15. escape velocity 16. tunnel vision 17. what we built 18. at a why am 19. pressure makes dust 20. jupiter bounce 21. aurora borealis 22. signal to noise 23. mind with alex rapp 24. particle wind 25. main sequence 26. another power trip 27. aliens do exist 28. the real me, today 29. distant anthem 30. elysian breaks with rhys hastings 31. one more for good luck

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April 6, 2022
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