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Don (It's Me)

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Hey. It’s Donwill here with my first audio NFT. The song is simply an introdution. It was once the lead single to an album that I shelved for pandemic reasons so what better fate for it than to become the first NFT in my catalog. Don (It’s Me) Produced by Donwill & 6th Sense Written by Donwill & Donnovan Guitar & background vocals by Donovan Recorded at The Panic Room and Room 39 Mixed & Mastered by 6th Sense at His Window In His Headphones LYRICS: Thanks for being patient It’s hard to find my way out my mind to make shit Quality or quantity; low rung the latter The balance is between without making it sound make shft But enough about me, how y’all doin? where yall at? Who all there Reply in the comments, wrong type of content? I thought I was writing an Instagram caption You can’t rip the plastic off an mp3 That’s a take on the change in this industry No critiques or complaints if you got it for free You could make em but that chatter don’t matter to me We where the wild things are Donavon, Don & Sixth Walkin without caring where the sidewalk ends Nothing wrong with the trends but I did it my way Cus it’s not you that’s gotta live up to dad’s name, It’s me… I make music that I want to hear I hope yall trust me with your ears if you don’t that’s cool I won’t fight it I can’t help if you like having a trash diet You can suffer if you want but your supper sitting warm getting cold while you’re looking for a song to click on There’s a thrill to the hunt but I’ve got a lil hunch ya burnt out from consumption and moving on Chicken cauliflower kale and grits Rice, peaches.. what the fuck is this? … my bad that’s my grocery list But we were talking about diets so It still fits Hungry hip hop junkie from the city Hoping one day it all makes sense Make peace with the questions , Make beats time test em And the recipe for both Yup that’s right you guessed it It’s me…
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November 17, 2021

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