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Cover art for CONNiE DiGiTAL's song: UNINVITED




Play my role I don't audition You thought you had a friend I thought I had one too The truth hurts ask the competition What a time to be alive and be successful I'm in the best mood don’t have to impress you I’m not invited tell me why I’m not invited then Shit I like it I’m not trying to be your fucking friend I'm happy that you're gone it was written on the wall Conclusion foregone hit the road before dawn Fuck the tears cry me a river Let the rain settle people too judgmental When I speak I speak truth The truth is I don't fuck wit you Now what you want to do Cause I've been paying dues The truth is I don't fuck wit you Yesterday I won the auction for "mysore nuggets" by Yung.Raj (Catalog Record ID #271). Today I decided to record some vocals. DiGiTAL x YUNG.RAJ 2022.

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August 12, 2022
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