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Cover art for CONNiE DiGiTAL's song: TUESDAY




It's not unfortunate baby we all crazy No coincidence my flow the definition of diligence MAi on the instruments The floor price drop when you drive it off the dealership Counterfeit the stimulus it's all fake For the cash niggas turn to Scarface Bitches wearing cosplay Uber to the Barclays we out here Love conquers fear anytime any day Drama King R.I.P. to Kay Slay Take that mask off sungaze blast off Hot as summer asphalt Real nigga that's my dad's fault It's MAiWORLD check your passport Fuck your task force I’m charged up check the dashboard Break the backboard off the alley-oop I got a attitude ballyhoo Breaking rules what we came to do Of course they picked the wrong horse I'm a show 'em no remorse Bitch it's looking like Doomsday Markets crash what a week it's only Tuesday DiGiTAL x MAiWORLD 2022. The second piece in a larger project.

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June 14, 2022
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