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Cover art for CONNiE DiGiTAL's song: PERSiST




More persistence to go the distance to make a difference That's a deepfake you gotta learn the difference Expand your interest you can die for your ignorance It's A Different World but I don't see Whitley here I break hearts touch minds like the Neuralink Fuck your opinion I don't care what you think 33 degrees put in work behind the scenes Twist up my locs you gone dread it when I drop Superhuman artificial Intelligence is sacrificial that's an issue Take a shot reload the pistol bang Take a shot reload the pistol bang bang bang BANG BANG BANG Desperado time to ride fill the Tahoe I flow on my way to Colorado I go Everything DiGiTAL my love is unconditional I don’t do what niggas do I do it for the principal DiGiTAL x MAiWORLD 2022. The fourth piece in a larger project.

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June 27, 2022
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