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Cover art for CONNiE DiGiTAL's song: PARASiTES




Real rap middle finger to your group chat I throw a shot bitch you better shoot back It's a movie it ain't real Parasites want your light nigga Tell me how you feel Blood sweat tears yeah Left it on the field I ain't running shit back Cause I'm ready for the kill Fuck that deal It's a problem we get violent That's no way to solve a problem People staving other people disregard it Kinda feel like I'm ignored Give a fuck about rapport Yeah I did that first I did that shit before It’s only right it’s only life Pimping like I’m Dolemite Control the mic It might be the coldest night The darkest knight No Christian Bale We made bail after last night Hit the gas fuck the gaslight It's Round 12 this the last fight You don't know what my past like My past life It use to be a sad sight for real Keep faith That's what my peeps say Deepfake Keep faith for Pete's sake Hallelujah I hate to be the one to break it to ya Breaking news Black goo on the move DiGiTAL x MAiWORLD 2022. The third piece in a larger project.

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June 22, 2022
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