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Cover art for Devin Tracy's song: Thank Of You

Thank Of You

Devin Tracy


The process of making this song was so cool. I free-styled majority of the song. I recorded this around the same time I recorded "EASY" . This is just the fun version. Created it back in 2019 On this record I'm talking about wishing to wake up next to you again and wanting to massage your scalp and do other things haha. Lyrics: So every morning I wake up I think of you When Im feeling so low down Won't chu come through Theres nobody who can compare Did you hear what I say? Everynight when I lay down I think of you No Baby What chu talking about Baby hear what im talking about You know what chu going through baby love me too I said done out I think of you and i think of my low down wont chu come through baby you know Written by: Devin Tracy Produced by: REO Co-Producer: SHAMTRAX

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April 18, 2022
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