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Cover art for Danny Dwyer's song: Swingset


Danny Dwyer


Let's Go ! So this is "Swingset" my second ever release. I made this when I first moved to LA and I was living in a loft in downtown and it was a cool place but living downtown was crazy, very hectic all the time going outside to get groceries could be taxing. I moved from Missouri, and the first month or so I was delivering for postmates on a bike and fucking exhausted and honestly making like 8 dollars an hour some days, but then I started rolling out new music and started writing for people and making money and my life got better. This song is kind of the start of me being able think realistically about making music my entire life, living the dream I have known I was supposed to live since I was 11 years old. When I put it out I was worried the break at :47 seconds was too ambitious and would make it too weird to get on playlists but I ran with it anyway and this is one of my favorite decisions I've made to this day. To ever ends up owning this, cheers, this song is really a piece of me and I'm happy you have it. ❤️ (I also used an alternative artwork that we had that, looking back, i kind of like more... haha so consider it a special edition!) -Danny

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March 19, 2022
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