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Phone A Friend - Bloody White

Daniel Allan
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Since moving to LA I have been super fortunate to work with a bunch of singers, songwriters, and producers that have become some of my closest friends. I’ve always wanted to document various parts of my creative and collaborative process so I decided to create the Phone A Friend Series - where me and some friends get together for a day to hang out and get an idea or two down. As always, we get the whole day captured on a disposable camera. For episode one I worked on a tune with my good friend Bloody White. Lucas is a crazy talented producer, singer, and writer and I’ve had the great pleasure to work on music with him for a majority of this year. From sampling his piano to adding unnecessary amounts of distortion on synths, this was a super fun beat to work on. The winner of the NFT will: - help me pick the next guest - VIP access to future show - Ableton Project File - The .wav file - The .jpeg artwork - All 26 files from the disposable camera
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August 17, 2021

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