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Cover art for Daktyl's song: Rhino




This song was originally supposed to be on my album Unreality.. but tonally I didn’t think it really matched the feel of the record. When I heard about Catalog I thought it’d be the perfect song for the platform…. When I started the song I was in the UK watching a David Attenborough show.. it was a section on sub Saharan Africa that inspired some of the sound design.. I was really just messing around with programming different synths and trying to have fun experimenting.. anyway I hope you enjoy it! --------------BONUSES-------------- OWNER OF THE NFT: - All of the below plus: - An all access pass to any future Daktyl show of your choosing - 45 minute zoom hang / production lesson with Daktyl TOP 3 BIDDERS: - Signed Daktyl merch - Sneak preview of new Daktyl songs ANYONE WHO BIDS ON THE NFT: - Access to full stems of the song to use however you want PS. I'm really excited about the web3 world and NFTS in particular.. the idea of artists maintaining a percentage of their work in perpetuity is incredible. That being said the technology is obviously in its infancy and there is a lot to improve upon. With that in mind 5% of any proceeds will go towards offsetting the carbon impact of using the Ethereum blockchain. I'll also be donating 10% of any profits to Voices of Children to help with the Ukranian disaster. love, Daktyl

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March 3, 2022
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