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Cover art for Daktyl's song: Bricks (w Benni Ola & Jordan Corey)

Bricks (w Benni Ola & Jordan Corey)



When we think about “Chaos Theory” the first thing that comes to mind is control. We think about how all of us navigate the world looking for a little semblance of control in this chaotic world we live in. We want to believe that we somehow have an external reach beyond us that protects us, that guides us, that gives us the power over our lives that we are looking for…maybe we do. Maybe the music and the art, the creativity, the words, maybe that’s how we exercise control in this chaotic world. It is our little mark, we own it. We didn’t go seeking the name “Chaos Theory” it found us, all we did is control what we could control and that was the creation. We kept coming back to that river and drinking from it, slowly carving out a space for something bigger than both of us. - Daktyl & Benni Ola

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May 19, 2023
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