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Cover art for cumulus frisbee's song: mt. carmel

mt. carmel

cumulus frisbee


This song was one of those instances where I had the idea for the skeleton of the song for so long, and just hadn't sat down to properly try recording it. I'd been playing so many of the chord voicings when I wasn't recording, just practicing, just feeling out how some of them fit together - or didn't fit as well. I'd spent months figuring out some of those voicings in an alternate tuning on guitar, because it sounded and felt better than playing in standard tuning at the time. I could reach different combinations of notes that I couldn't in a regular tuning. Certain notes were closer together, or further apart, and it changes your playing in ways you can't be certain of until you spend some time experimenting with it. So many of those things wouldn't have been properly jotted down if I'd let them remain as nebulous ideas that I only played with while practicing. It's so easy to be like "Ahhhh is this good? Does this suck? Should I record this?" when really - sitting down and recording anything is better than not. Even if it sucks, you wouldn't have spent hours thinking in your head how cool it will be - only to be disappointed when you realize it doesn't work the same way it did in your head. And sometimes something you think isn't special ends up growing into something beyond what you could imagine. It just seems important to stay open, and record everything you can within reason. You never know what might work. I also designed the cover art, as I do for all of my releases.

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February 5, 2022
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