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Cover art for cumulus frisbee's song: MENDEL'S PEAS


cumulus frisbee


Long before getting into electronic music, I grew up being super into prog, math rock, weird fusion shit, etc. It completely shaped the way I listen to and write music, regardless of what genre/style. Last year I went through a period where I didn't want to make beats or electronic stuff, I just wanted to pretend I was a band. All of the stuff I'd learned from making beats was suddenly becoming relevant to writing and mixing these types of songs. It was kind of a full circle moment of realizing I could now produce music that reminded me of what I grew up with. It also was a very necessary step creatively because it helped me stop thinking about needing to stick to certain genres/styles of music. Since making this song, I have found it much easier to just make anything I want. For that reason and lots more, this is still one of my favourite songs I've written. I also designed the cover art, as I do for all of my releases.

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March 10, 2022
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