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Cover art for cumulus frisbee's song: Hyperplex


cumulus frisbee


I made this song around my birthday earlier this year, and it was a very necessary outlet to just celebrate and freely express how happy I am to be where I'm at right now. The friends I have, the work I'm making, the artists I get to work with - I have alot to be thankful for. This song has been helping me remember that gratitude when things look dim, a waypoint to look back on and reflect on the constant fluctuations we all experience. And all serious shit aside, this one was just fucking fun to make! I was jumping and bobbing around for weeks making this. I love to take art + music super seriously, but it's also just as important to just have fun for no reason other than enjoying making something cool. I also designed the cover art, and had just as much fun making that as the song. I just kept stacking more and more shapes on top of each other. I think the art has ~300 layers if I recall? I just kept adding more and more cause it was fun to see how dense I could make it without reaching overkill territory haha. And it seemed to fit the density of the song as well.

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June 9, 2022
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