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Cover art for cumulus frisbee's song: gamma


cumulus frisbee


This song reflects a time about a year ago when I was exploring the idea of relinquishing control, and embracing agency as a person. It became apparent that the more I tried to excessively control situations, my direction, my creativity, my productivity, etc., I was sure to feel more friction in those areas. Trying to control your creativity is a sure fire way to get blocked up. Overworking often makes you feel so burnt out that the quality of your work decreases, despite spending more time doing said work. All of these are issues of control, trying to demand that reality bends to your will. It is a rigid way to exist, especially as a creative person. There is far more power in your ability to go with the flow than to force yourself upstream. This song was my diary for about a month while I was exploring these feelings, and trying to simply let things in my life happen naturally. The more I loosened my grip, the better I felt. And paradoxically, the more confident I felt about the parts of my life I do have control over. I've carried that perspective with me and it's continued to improve my quality of life. I also designed the cover art, as I do for all of my releases.

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December 20, 2021
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