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Cover art for COVEX's song: I Won't Run Away (with Lexi Shanley)

I Won't Run Away (with Lexi Shanley)



Written in July, 2019 and released April, 2020 - this is one of my favorite songs I've made, also one of the first songs I sang on. Here's a little bit about the track: "i wrote this song in July, 2019 when i was feeling inspired by the excitement of love (i know, cheesy). love is such an intricate feeling, i don’t know if anyone really knows how to describe it to its full potential. this song, for me, is about finding that one person and never letting them go no matter what happens in your life. things will get harder and you’ll both change but if it’s true love, it can last a lifetime." Special thanks to Lexi Shanley on vocals and Bass Physics on guitar.

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February 3, 2022
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