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Cover art for Coflo's song: Mark de Clive-Lowe - Joyful Resistance Part I (Coflo remix)

Mark de Clive-Lowe - Joyful Resistance Part I (Coflo remix)



Original song by Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix production by Coflo Conga solo: DJ Stringray Organ: A.Boquera The rest: Coflo Mix/Mastered by Cody "Coflo" for Below is a short description of my process for remixing this song: Remixes are one of my favorite forms of musical ideas; whether it is making a remix or adding a favorite remixer's idea to my collection, the art of the remix just gets my creative endorphins flowin'. With this remix I wanted to approach it as a collaborative process rather than just "my take" on the original song. My initial idea was to take the majority of the Midnight Snacks series and try to compose one NEW idea stemming from my fav bits of the whole shabang. I realized VERY quickly this was going to be too difficult to make something I love for the remix contest timeline (merp). As a result what I settled on was trying to flip a song that was composed stylistically very opposite of what I do well; tempo being the easy contrast to work with. I landed on Joysful Resistance Part 1 - already the had lyrics written in the title. I treated MdCL's masterful piano parts as a "hook"; cutting/stretching/warping them into submission to try and fit the new tempo I was working with. From there it was all about setting the intention around the groove. Make ish' dance-able. I actually worked a number of hours on the song on my twitch stream one day and as a result one of my homies/followers; percussionist Stingray from NY, was inspired and on the spot sent me a congo solo; which I messaged into the song real time (which did make the final mix). It was at this point that I could not escape the "live" feeling both the original song and my new remix was asking of the production. I recorded airy, dubby vocals to really drive something new making use of the song's title. The vocals and reworked piano parts then gave me the shape for my arrangement; from there I multi tracked all the drums and percussion parts live that I felt like needed more organic movement. Lastly; I was left with adding a bit of jazz back into the song. I contacted organ player, Abel Boquera, delivered instructions and then comp'd probably a solid 30+ minutes of organ parts to shape what you hear in the final. All in all; I let the piano of the original and my new found simplistic yet dance-able groove drive everything. I feel like I really ended up with something new and collaborative as a result. I couldn't be more happy. ----- This remix was produced as part of the first Mashibeats remix contest and selected to be minted through community voting. Primary collectors will also receive the ltd edition remixes color vinyl EP including this remix - estimated delivery late October 2022

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July 28, 2022
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