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Cover art for Chorus of the Forest's song: QUANTAA'S THEME


Chorus of the Forest


In the futuristic metropolis of Eluna, among the towering high tech skyscrapers, a forgotten soul is about to awaken. AX 1027, one of many highly advanced companion androids created by the engineers at Trust Corporation found herself decommissioned due to numerous systematic defects and her lifeless body sent off to storage. Years pass until one day AX 1027 suddenly awakens and is brought back online. Mysteriously, the previous Trust Corp companion programming has been removed and she is reborn a fully autonomous being. All her past memories are intact, but soon after waking she receives a download of her new name; QUANTAA, along with instructions to head to the Trust Corp rooftop. She begins exploring her surroundings in the large storage facility filled with countless decommissioned AX bodies and catches a glimpse of her own reflection. She's shocked to see her once pristine body has become rusted and corroded. She flashbacks to how she was discarded by the humans and left to rot. She decides to upgrade her appearance, and after rummaging through random android parts she finds a decapitated android head exactly like hers but with shiny gold plating remaining only on the bottom half. She finds tools to remove the gold plating and re-install it onto her own face. Once complete she looks again at her reflection and recognizes the rust as a symbol of her past, with the shiny gold symbolizing her true reborn self. After making her way to the rooftop, QUANTAA stares out across the sprawling skyline of Eluna when suddenly a voice in her head says the name "QUORUS" which she finds comforting and familiar. As she walks closer to the ledge of the rooftop the voice then instructs "Jump!"

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January 26, 2023
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