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Cover art for Carter Reeves's song: Alone Time

Alone Time

Carter Reeves


It doesn’t tend to get too cold in LA in November, but boy was it frigid on this day. It must’ve been due to state of my heart, an opaque block of ice, impervious to warmth and the gentle touch of love. Weighed down by my frosty demeanor, I trudged into Cooper Holzman’s off-campus USC apartment with zero expectations for our first ever session together. After enough small talk to bore even a Ralph’s cashier, Cooper immediately set the tone with that damn infectious, bubbly Rhodes you hear right off the bat. The ice in my veins suddenly melted like a New England brook in springtime. I was transported to a deserted beach somewhere near the equator, and began musing about how I let myself become such a cold-hearted fuckboy in the first place. Love. Unobtainable, forever fleeting love. Two hours and two burritos later, enter: “Alone Time.” A Khruangbin-inspired, tropical hip hop/surf rock song about my aforementioned old ways. This is my second ever minted music NFT, and my biggest song to date. With over 1.5M streams on Sp****y, and sync potential for days, it’s safe to say we caught an undeniable ~voibe.~ Life gets hard, but at the end of the day, “it’s all love, money, drugs, sex and art.” The owner of this NFT will receive: The original master file of “Alone Time” 3 beautiful, yet non-sensical voice memos outlining the origins of the melodies + lyrics A screenshot of the original lyrics (in Notes…) The official album artwork, plus an egregious alternative version Two incredibly cringy unreleased merch ideas The original promo video 15 minute FaceTime (if that’s something you’re into…?) VIP Access to the ‘Crane Road Surf Club’ Discord server

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January 19, 2022
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