Cover art for Ben Kessler's song: i spend too much time with myself (the worktape)
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i spend too much time with myself (the worktape)

Ben Kessler
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my first NFT and the first iteration of ‘the worktapes’ i am working on an EP i don’t know exactly what it looks like yet it is becoming more clear everyday and it is exciting and messy i have always been afraid to share the jagged stuff but i want to challenge myself to share more of this process so i will be minting the most exciting songs i’m toying with right now i am thrilled to share these pieces of the puzzle as i figure them out myself i can’t wait to look back at this note in a few months to see where all these songs land this first song is about how i spend too much time in my head the very thing this project is pushing back against artwork by josefine cardoni song written & produced by ben kessler the winner of this NFT will receive: - .wav file - .jpeg artwork - stems of the song - 1/1 physical merchandise - access to private discord channel - access to private page on
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October 29, 2021

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