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Cover art for Beauty School Dropout's song: Last Time

Last Time

Beauty School Dropout


Last Time holds a special place in our hearts because it is the first track we ever released as a band, as well as it being the first track we ever wrote together as a group. The song explores some of the trials and tribulations of front man Colie’s recently failed relationship at the time and expresses the bittersweet angst of no longer feeling inadequate in a relationship. The owner of this NFT will receive: - The master .wav file of the song - The master.jpeg of the cover art - The mixed stems for the master project - 1 All Access Pass + 1 to any BSD show annually airdropped (not including festivals) - 1/1 Custom leather jacket with colors and symbols of your choosing - A special thanks for being the owner of our first NFT, 1000 Dropout ($DRPT) Token airdrop - Access to a token gated portal of unreleased demos and an Alpha Channel in our Discord. 50% of the NFT proceeds will be allocated to our community treasury that will eventually provide liquidity for our $DRPT Token and other community endeavors. 10% of all secondary NFT sale royalties will be allocated to the community treasury. This release marks our first step into the world of tokenized music as we have fully immersed ourselves in the web3 space. We are beyond excited to explore the growing possibilities to rewrite what it means to connect with our audience and give back to our community.

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January 20, 2022
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