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Beauty School Dropout

Beauty School Dropout (BSD) is a Los Angeles-based rock band, launched in 2020. The three-piece outfit began with vocalist, Cole Hutzler and Brent Burdett; formally of alt-rock band Strangefaces. The evolution of BSD began as Hutzler's solo project, but following the dissolve of Strangefaces, he teamed back up with his former bandmate to collaborate in the creative process. 
 Soon after, Hutzler met producer and guitarist, Bardo - the final missing link to what is now BSD. With executive production help from FEVER 333's Jason Butler and Green Day / My Chemical Romance's longtime producer Rob Cavallo BSD has coined the term "Renegade-pop": a seamless mixture of pop, alt-rock, punk, and hip hop. The band's vision is to reinvent what rock music means to future generations.
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