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Cover art for Baby Yors's song: 3 de Noviembre x Holy Seed

3 de Noviembre x Holy Seed

Baby Yors


These two songs are a part of my album “VIVE!” – a project I started playing with over nine years ago after a close encounter with death. It felt like it needed time to blossom into what it became. It grew slowly and then all at once during the pandemic when, at a certain point, it all made sense and came together in 12 songs. It was the first time I produced a full album all on my own, and the luxury of time allowed me to work with some international musicians and visual artists remotely, as well as classical painter Sergio Menasche to create pieces like the artwork that you see. Mostly in Spanish, with a touch of English, the songs pay homage to my cultural background, evoking sounds of my native Argentina while painting pictures of moments contemplating life and death. The songs acknowledge the beauty of life's impermanence and embrace the power of the present moment. Baby Yors --- Collecting this track will grant you a key to purchase a one-of-a-kind digi-physical record. Each record is handcrafted using 1940s lathe cutting equipment and securely linked to the Ethereum blockchain via an embedded NFC chip. Produced by On-Chain Records.

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April 27, 2023
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