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sunday piano music



i recorded this song in 2015 on my school's old upright piano. it was my first song that reached a million plays. it is the reason i was able to quit my job and begin my career as a musician full-time. i remember when i recorded this it was one of my first sessions in an actual recording studio. i was in the studio alone in the middle of the night, running back and forth from the live room to the control room trying to get everything to sound just right. i bounced the whole project through my tape deck and ran the mix through the studio's most expensive hardware compressor just to see what a nice compressor sounded like. the result is a noisy, melancholy theme that i called sunday piano music. it was released in 2016 on my debut album entitled "luv songs". luv songs was one of the first projects on spotify under the lofi hip hop genre and was unique in that none of the instruments on the album are sourced from sampled material, everything is original. this trend of making entirely original recordings became a staple of the new direction of the genre as labels got involved, but this album is one of the first of its kind.

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February 8, 2022
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